Woman killed by runaway trailer gets humble memorial

Woman killed by runaway trailer is...

CALEXICO, Calif. - A humble memorial was given to 54-year-old Norma Rosas Alvarado, killed in a freak accident on Wednesday morning as she and her boyfriend walked along Cesar Chavez Boulevard and 5th Street in Calexico.

Friends of hers like Patricia Macias, Calexico Brown Bag Coalition, remember her as a homeless person with a big smile.

“She always had a smile on her face even if she was out in the sun all day, she always was very happy” Macias said.

Flowers and a candle were placed carefully where Alvarado died.

“It could happen to anybody. Imagine a mother crossing with her kids,” Alvarado said.

Macias said Alvarado’s mother is devastated.

“She does have family. She’s got four children and they’re going to miss her deeply like we are. I just remember her. I have her face right here. And I miss her,” Macias said.

Maribel Padilla, Calexico Brown Bag Co-Founder, said Alvarado was one of the many homeless people they feed every evening.

“She was always trying to help. She would ask if she could help. She was always very happy, a happy person,” Padilla said.

Padilla is angry about what happened and wants justice for her friend.

“These people that’s how they end up because they’re in the streets,” Padilla said.

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