Women's March in El Centro wants to send message to Trump administration

Women's March in El Centro

EL CENTRO, Calif. - Over a hundred people rallied in El Centro to voice their concerns at Saturday’s Imperial Valley's Women’s March.

El Centro resident Dede Guillory-Chavez said, “Letting our government know that it is not okay to defund the violence against women act. It is not okay to take healthcare away from millions of people.”

Demonstrators wanted to send a message to the Trump administration.

“He represents us and in order to represent us, we need to tell him exactly what our priorities are. We will come together because in the United States of America we stand up for the little guy,” Chavez said.

They joined the millions of protesters in Washington, D.C. and around the world who disagree with many policies of newly elected president Donald Trump.

Natalia Ramirez said, “I think we all deserve answers. Throughout this whole presidency, we all deserve answers.”

Tomas Olivas said, “I believe in supporting my mother, my daughter, my wife.”

Event organizer assistant Eva Murgia said, “People talk to their local government – local, state and federal. And we want to make sure that everything is run the right way.”

Queana Jarvis said, “I’ve already made a couple of contacts, shared my phone number with people.”

Organizer Margaret Sauza said they plan more demonstrations in the coming months.

“Being there was tremendous for us. Myself, seeing people in wheelchairs, seeing elderly ladies, elderly men, and seeing some political figures take a stand. We’re going to unite. This isn’t over. This is only the beginning,” Sauza said. said Saturday’s Women’s March drew over half a million in Washington, D.C., and nearly 5 million worldwide.


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