World Elder Abuse Awareness Month


On Thursday, senior centers around Yuma County celebrated World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

It's a day you don't hear of too often, but even in our own community our elders are facing different types of abuse. Elder Abuse like physical, emotional, and sometimes financially. Janet Torricellas, Regional Director of Better Business Bureau, feels different after hearing stories of abuse being told.

"Just by listening to these stories this morning.They weren't saying these stories before because they were afraid or they're thinking maybe someone might not believe them."

The event kicked off with purple balloons with each individual making a commitment to end abuse to the elderly.

"We need to extend more of a support to our seniors and let them know they have moral support." 

According to Adult Protective Services, in 2010 there were 206 allegations of abuse that were investigated in Yuma County alone. Over 8% of those cases involved a person 60 years or older.

"They've done a lot throughout the years and to pay them back by protecting them and to let them know that we are here to payback all the positive things they've done with their life, and we're here to support them in anyway we can."

Any reports of abuse can be made by contacting APS or by contacting local law enforcement. 

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