YCAT bus runs red light and leaves several injured in crash

YCAT accident

YUMA, Ariz. - The Yuma Police Department tells us the driver of a YCAT bus failed to stop at a red light, causing a crash Wednesday afternoon.

Sergeant Lori Franklin with YPD says,"At the same time there's a Toyota truck that was northbound on 5E trying to turn left on 32nd Street. He did have the green light and as he proceeded to make the turn the bus hit the vehicle causing it to spin and hit another vehicle that was on 32nd street going west bound." 

It's an accident frequent bus riders would never expect, like Omar Rivera, who was on his way to school.

"Once it happened I had no clue what just happened. I was completely shell shocked. I got up and someone told me, "Hey you're bleeding on your nose". There was shattered glass on the floor I believe it was from the front windshield, the front door was completely caved in it wasn't able to be opened." 

We reached out to YCAT for and update on the condition of the bus driver and on the accident, and have no comment at this time. 



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