YRMC adds two emergency helicoptors with Aerocare

A new emergency transport service is calling the Yuma Regional Medical Center their new home.
Aerocare is bringing changes to YRMC by adding two H-130 helicopters with flight crews stationed at all times in Yuma County. Program Director of Aerocare Matthew Vangrinsven, said he's excited to provide the need to the community. 
"I'm excited, this is a very big deal. It's a top priority with it being one of the biggest contacts we've ever had." 
Aerocare has served northern parts of Arizona and New Mexico for more than 20 years. Working with each hospital in different departments with a "custom healthcare" system and finding how they can benefit both the hospital and the community. 

"We did purchase two new platforms for Yuma Regional Medical Center", said Vangrinsven. "These helicopters can easily fly at 120 degrees, not affecting their performance. We're able to beat the heat and also able to fly heavier patients."

YRMC Vice President for Patient Care Services Deborah Aders, has already seen changes with the helicopters being stationed at all times in Yuma. 

"We actually have them both on-site in Yuma, and they actually have on at the airport as well an airplane there, so we have a quick turnaround for our patients.I think we're going to see more collaboration and teamwork between the flight crews and the hospital and we're going to continue to work on the process and our system and improving the care we provide for our patients." 

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