YRMC prepared to take action if mass shooting happened

Hospital prepared for tragedy

YUMA, Ariz. - The number of patients injured in the Las Vegas shooting is now more than 500. A massive task for the hospitals in that area.

Yuma Regional Medical Center is the only local trauma center in our area. If there is a mass shooting people would be brought to YRMC first to be treated for injuries. 

This hospital is already prepared to take action, and treat patients should a mass shooting happen here at home.

The Yuma trauma system coordinates the area's mass casualty plan with hospitals and first responders.

Regular meetings are held throughout the year, as well as emergency drills.

"We still have to manage the babies being born, the car accidents, the heart attacks would still come to our organization. So, it would be very stressful on our system. What we would do is we would start to reach out to our other partners  for assistance and that’s really something that we’ve worked on over the last several years.” 

Officials tell us, they plan to review how Las Vegas hospitals and first responders handled Sunday's deadly attack, to determine if any changes or additions should be made to their emergency preparedness. After this mass shooting, they expect a press conference to be held next. 

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