Yuma Animal Shelter faces the unclear future after shutdown

Yuma,Arizona - After closing their doors, The Old Souls K9 Rescue and Retirement home is looking for a new start. 
Earlier this week they were denied a "special" permit by the Yuma County Board of Supervisors in a 3 to 2 vote. Paula Rivadeneira of Old Souls Retirement Home is looking for the next step to care for the elderly and sick animals of the community. The permit was needed to keep up to 18 dogs at her home but is now only allowed to keep up to 5 dogs and have the rest die naturally. Old Souls has served the community for over two years and is now hoping for a better future and a fresh start. 
"We don't want the dogs that are with us right now to necessarily go anywhere, we kept the sickest dogs with us, and we're just going to hold on to them and wait until they pass, and love them until the end. I think our supporters are right, we're going to have to leave here. If we do, we're going to need a ton of help."
The next step for Old Souls takes place on December 7th, in front of the Planning and Zoning Commision to find out if they will be cited for the limit of animals in their home. If you would like to help out Old Souls for future development plans, you can click here. 

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