Yuma attorney responds to recent deportation raids in Arizona

Local attorney responds to AZ woman's deportation

YUMA, Ariz. - Arizona mother, Guadalupe Garcia De Rayos was deported to her native, Mexico in less than 24 hours on Wednesday.

De Rayos was on her way to an immigration check-in at the time of her detainment.

As Immigration and Customs authorities detained her, De Rayos left two children and her husband behind.
The sudden deportation had many wondering if her family would face a similar fate. 
Yuma attorney John Minore said the chances are slim to unlikely. 
"They're not going to come looking for kids," Minore said. "This is America. they're not going to deport kids who've been here unlawfully, unless they do something serious."
Minore also said De Rayos could have fought the deportation and taken the case through a judicial review.
"Had she gone through the judicial route she probable could have stayed," Minore said. "Her crime was not of a serious nature. She's the mother of two United States citizens and I think she could've received some reprieve in the [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] court system." 
De Rayos was arrested in 2008 during a workplace raid. She was convicted one year later for felony criminal impersonation.

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