Yuma Community Food Bank gets major donation from APS

Major Donation

YUMA, Ariz. - The Yuma Food Bank just got a massive donation from APS. Earlier today, APS donated $45,000 dollars to the Yuma Community Food Bank for the purchase of a refrigerated truck.


It is up to the food bank now to pick the truck that is most appropriate for them and will best fit their needs. APS has also generously agreed to help brand the truck, which will really help the food bank make it their own. Over the summer, the president of the food bank, Shara Merten mentioned they were using a truck loaned to them from another food bank and didn't have their own so this will greatly benefit the non-profit. Today's donation was a surprise , APS performed a safety audit in the warehouse to help the employees become more efficient and aware of hazards around them. As part of that audit, the warehouse team from APS donated two pallet jacks to replace the inoperable ones the food bank currently has. 


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