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Day 3 of "La Mesa Street Murders" trial: Prosecution plays 911 calls

Day 3: "The Mesa Street Murders" trial

YUMA, Ariz. - The "La Mesa Street Murders" trial continued Friday. The prosecution played multiple 911 calls from the tragic night the Yuma family of six was murdered on June 24, 2005. 

Prosecution says the accounts were over nine minutes long.

Jury members heard the operator ask a caller for a vehicle description, but the caller replies that they did not see anything. 

The jury next heard from a former Yuma Police Department officer, Travis Baas, who says he was first assigned to check on a nearby home where a potential suspect might be hiding out. When defense attorney, Ray Hanna, asked Baas about the home's exact location, Baas said he couldn't remember, only that it was on the same street. 

Baas says he was later sent to the hospital to check on Luis Rios. However, Rios had already passed away when he arrived. Instead, Baas says he collected evidence from Rios' body including a cut black power cord, a cut belt, and a severed phone cable. He also says he gathered other clothing items, like Rios' socks and shoes.

Next the prosecution called former YPD SWAT Team Leader Cesar Fazz. Fazz explained how the SWAT team prepared to enter the home. He says the SWAT team was under the impression that the shooter might be in the home. However, when they realized the rest of the family was unaccounted for, they hurried into the home.

Fazz says they found 29-year-old Adrienne Heredia and the four children in different parts of the home. Police first found 13-year-old Andreas Crawford and 12-year-old Enrique Bedoya in one room. The body of 9-year-old Inez Newman was found  alone in another room. Adrienne Heredia's body was found in a third room, near the body of 6-year-old Danny Heredia. 

Former YPD Death Investigator, Clay Pouquette was the third witness called to the stand on Friday. Pouquette says he was tasked with informing, Danny Heredia, 6-year-old Danny Heredia's dad, about the deaths.

Pouquette's testimony also explained how they began processing the crime scene. Pouquette said they began processing the deceased bodies around 4 a.m. on June 25, almost eight hours after the initial 911 calls. 


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