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YUMA: Governor signs City agreement with State Parks

City of Yuma and Arizona State Parks...

YUMA, Ariz. - Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed an agreement between the City of Yuma and Arizona State Parks on Friday.

The agreement, which keeps open the major tourist attractions of the Yuma Territorial Prison and the Quartermaster Depot, was approved by the Yuma City Council at a special meeting on Dec. 8.  

The parks had faced closure following the economic crash of 2008. To keep the parks operating, the City of Yuma, in cooperation with the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area, offered to lease both parks and take over operational responsibility. 

Under City/YCNHA management, the parks were improved and attracted thousands of visitors. The City and YCNHA sought a longer agreement to provide for long-term planning and capital investment. Thus, the new agreement takes effect April 1, 2017. 

The agreement has an initial term of 15 years with a mutual option to renew for two 5-year terms. 

The key points of the agreement are as follows:

-The City will provide a minimum of $150,000 each year the agreement is in place. 

-The State will fully insure all of the state's property at the parks, and agrees to replace, repair, or rebuild the parks to their respective historic status if they are ever damaged or destroyed. 

-Either party may terminate the agreement for any reason upon 180-days' written notice. 

-If the City does not allocate funds for the continuance of the agreement, the agreement may be terminated. 

-The City will work with the state when making any construction improvements. 

-The City and State will conduct a joint inventory of all the property at the parks. 

-The City will accept and sell Arizona State Parks and Trail gift cards. 

-The City shall notify the state of any dignitary visits or similar events in a reasonable time prior to such a visit or event.

-The City will provide regular reports to the state regarding items such as attendance, revenues, volunteer hours, and operating costs and expenditures. 


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