Snakes slither into town, sightings on the rise

How to stay safe as snake season kicks off

Snake Sightings

YUMA, Ariz. - The Yuma Fire Department responded to three snake sighting calls in the last two weeks. 

On Wednesday, YFD officials said they found a rattlesnake near a parking lot in downtown Yuma. 
According to YFD, the pattern suggest that the city of Yuma is approaching snake season and local experts are advising locals to be mindful and safe outdoors. 
Mike Erfert, Public Information Officer for the Yuma Fire Department said the reptiles are typically more fearful of humans. 
"[They don't want anything to do with you,]" Erfert said. "Leaving them alone and letting them pass through is probably your best bet." 
Moreover, Erfert said the safest way to approach a snake is by simply avoiding it and leaving it alone. 
"Don't try to take care of it yourself," Erfert said. "It's the amateur captures that can lead to somebody being bitten. [And,] the consequences for a snake bite are severe." 
Danielle Miller, an employee with the Yuma Regional Medical Center said people should also consider remaining calm a case where they're bitten. 
"Trying to remain calm is very important," Miller said. "The more excited we get, the more venom is going to circulate. As hard as it would be, [it would] be great if someone could stay calm and seek medical emergency treatment." 
While Erfert said sightings are unlikely, he also said they're always possible. 
"It's something that we would expect this time of year," Erfert said. "That's why we want to get the message out that yes, they're coming out, they're around." 


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