Yuma man facing charges of murder and robbery

Alleged to have struck a man with large knife

According to La Voz Del Pueblo the suspect who's only being identified as "Daniel" was arrested after police in San Luis Rio Colorado linked him to the deadly assault on a taxi driver on Constitution and Michoacan Street. When police arrived on scene Thursday early morning just after one they found a Felix Neri fighting for his life after being stabbed. 

   Unfortunately, Neri died on the way to the hospital; soon after police arriving on scene they tracked down the man they believed had caused Neri's death. According to La Voz Del Pueblo police believe the assault was a result of a robbery; once in custody "Daniel" was found to be in possession of a large knife resembling a bowie or machete. Also in his possession were several bills covered in blood. 

   Mexican authorities will not release the suspects name until the trial concludes; but tell media sources that the man is a Yuma resident. 

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