Yuma residents react to President Trump's Visit

Trump Reax
YUMA, Ariz. - "Yumans" were out and about today at the Yuma County fairgrounds waiting for President Donald Trumps arrival to the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma. People starting gathering as early as 8am this morning and the crowds really got underway around 12pm when both Trump supporters and protesters were out in full force. A variety of people were there from all walks of life to see the President make his first official stop in the Desert Southwest since taking presidency back in November of last year. Several locals had comments about his arrival and how they felt about him coming to Arizona. 
"I am a Trump supporter, i have been ever since he even talked about it," said Sonia Bean.
"I'm watching Trump bring Air Force One back to Yuma and yes i do support president Trump, i think he's doing a darn good job," said Butch Koretz. 
As a Hispanic man, do you feel like you get backlash for supporting our president? "Yes," said George Porches.
"I don't think it was a good idea to come to Arizona period, after what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he sided with the white supremacist," said Margarita Keath.
I support sanity, i support peace, i support love, i support unity and compassion and humanity and i don't see these things from this man," said a Trump Protestor. 
Luckily during the gathering at the Yuma fairgrounds, peaceful protests took place and there were no reported injuries during the event. President Trump left MCAS Yuma around 2:30pm in the afternoon and went directly to Phoenix, Arizona where his campaign-style rally was being held.

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