Yuma Scholarship Pageant winners give advice to teens

Yuma Scholarship Pageant names new...

YUMA, Ariz. - Every year the Yuma Scholarship Pageant looks for well-rounded young ladies to crown and award scholarships to.


News 11 spoke to this year's winners to hear how they are using their platforms to help advocate change in the Yuma community.


On January 20, four titles were given in the Miss and Miss Outstanding Teen categories. Now the ladies are using their platforms for good and have already been out in the community making a difference.


“My platform is rise up against hunger and so I’m working with the Yuma community food bank and crossroads mission to combat against hunger because right now Yuma is second worst in hunger and insecurity within families and children,” Miss Yuma County Outstanding Teen 2018, Theodora Baker told News 11.


Each girl has a cause they care about.


“With my platform, pursue your passion, I've been talking to kids about their future and their education and I hope that one day the percentage of those with college degrees grows in our community,” Allie Van Dyn Hoven, Miss City of Yuma 2018 said.


The outstanding teens also shared some advice they give to other teens.


Kyla Giroux, Miss City of Yuma Outstanding Teen 2018 tells teens to never give up. 

“Sophomore year is very difficult, it’s kind of an in between year but you just have to keep a positive outlook and remind yourself that grades are something you can struggle with or maybe it’s your friendships or school drama but don’t give up and just keep a positive outlook on life," Giroux said.


Social media was also a topic that most teens are struggling with.


“Social media definitely influences girls and for me I’m very slender, so I always get all of the time people saying you’re so skinny, do you eat? Obviously, I eat, but I know that that’s just the way I’m built..." Baker said. She encourages other teens who struggle with the same to find an inner self love.


Miss City of Yuma and Miss Yuma County were awarded two free semesters at Arizona Western College and a $1600 scholarship from 1st Bank Yuma and Pacesetter Home Centers.


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