Yuma School District One education programs recognized nationally

Yuma AVID programs among the top 2%

Yuma Elementary District schools...

YUMA, Ariz. - Yuma Elementary School District One received national recognition over a college preparation program for Yuma students, ranking among the top two percent in the country. 

AVID, or also known as Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a program that focuses on an educational system of rigorous curriculum and strategic support. 
According to the AVID College Readiness Program, the goal behind the system is to promote academic success among students K-12. 
Recent national recognition proves Yuma Elementary School District One's rising success.
When it comes to college preparation, five schools in Arizona were awarded, with four of those being a part of Yuma District One. 
Patty Quiroz, the teacher overseeing the AVID program at Woodard Junior High, was introduced to the program in 2009. 
Quiroz said she is happy to see her students thrive after the program's implementation. 
"I wanted to be one of the people to help make that program not only succeed at Woodard but in our country our district our state nationwide," Quiroz said. I wanted [all] of our students to be a success through this program."

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