Yuma Senior Games has athletes going 'gold'

Senior Games 2018
Before we get ready for the Winter Games in February, The Yuma Senior Games have officially kicked off. 
"We're having fun, and we're meeting new people and that's what it's all about a senior Olympics," said Tom, his first time participating in the games. "Everybody is kind of in the same age group, to 50 to 100 or maybe more." 
The games are not what you usually see, but test the mind, body, soul. Rosalee, a veteran, said she's ready to return for the "gold". 
"Last year was my first year, and I really enjoyed myself.I won three silvers in bowling and in Bochee ball and I didn't know what Bochee ball was until last year." 
Some of these games you've never heard of before, like the Bowling Pin Toss, or the Nail Driving Contest. The games continue until February 20th with over 20 events to participate in. If you would like to know more information or details on the schedule, click here. 

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