Yuma to become first 'smart city'

Yuma to become smart city

YUMA, Ariz. - The city council approved a three million dollar project to make Yuma the first 'Smart City.' 

Some of the new technology coming to Yuma is a city-wide high-speed wifi connection, new LED streetlights and more cameras to help increase public safety.

The project is made possible through a partnership between Yuma and two companies, anyCOMM Holdings Corp. and Seamon. 

The LED lights are set to reduce maintenance costs due to the long-term life of the LED light bulbs. 

Mayor Douglas Nicholls addressed some of the concerns brought up by Yuma residents on whether the use of the additional cameras will be used for traffic violations. He insures that the cameras are not for traffic violations or monitoring people.

"While this is being installed and before it’s operational we will be working on an ordinance on exactly how the data is utilized ... we are going to codify it into law and only as it applies to law can it be used," Nicholls said.

The multi-million dollar project costs a pretty penny but should save the city about 3.85 million dollars, roughly 140 thousand dollars worth of savings over the course of ten years. The main goal for this project is to invest in a long-term plan to make the city more efficient and safe through technology advances.

Additionally, with the anyCOMM arrangement the city will receive 20 percent of their profits bringing a new revenue source to Yuma.

The project is set to be up and running by the end of 2017.

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