Veterans Assisted Living says they're no longer closing

Veterans Assisted Living no longer...

YUMA, Ariz. - The Yuma Assisted Living, also known as Veterans Assisted Living, is telling residents they no longer have to move out. 

According to a November 22nd announcement to residents from the facility's managing company, Solterra Management Group, the center's former owners, Tucson based Family Housing Resources, are out of the picture and a receiver has been appointed in their place. 

"As most of you are aware, effective this past November 1st, 2016, the Yuma Assisted Living ownership group known as Family Housing Resources (FHR) made the decision to discontinue funding the tax-exempt bonds used to finance the development of the community,

FHR then notified Solterra Management Grop, manager of the community of their intention to close and that our services were no longer needed. In addition, FHR instructed us to notify residents that they needed to find other assisted living accomodations.

Since that time, 3 additional changes have taken place:

1. The bond holders have appointed a "Receiver" and they have taken over the ownership of Yuma Assisted Living. They have also made the decision to keep Yuma Assisted Living open and not close it.

2. This means that Family Housing Resrouces (FHR) and the associated development company MMG, Inc. [Medical Management Group, Inc.] and its principal, Richard Neault are no longer involved with Yuma Assisted Living .

3. Because of our experience and successful track record of managing senior assisted living communities, the Receiver has asked Solterra Management Group to remain in place as the management company and we at Solterra have gladly agreed to stay in place and continue to offer you a safe and comfortable apartment community.

According to the management company in total 45 residents lived at the center and 22 remained when the announcement was made to keep the center open last Tuesday, November 22nd.

According to the facility, the receiver is allowing residents who haven't moved out to stay and those who would like to return are being welcomed back. The managing company says many of the 22 remaining residents have chosen to cancel their plans to move out. 

"For many of you, we have been able to assist you in finding alternative living accommodations and we understand if you should choose to move forward with those alternatives, however should you choose to remain we will gladly help you make the necessary arrangements to stay.

For those of you who have left us or anticipate doing so in the coming days, we thank you for your patience and we wish you the very best in your new residences and know that the door is open should you choose to return some day.

For those of you who were still searching for an alternative, you can relax and just remain in place." 

The statement concludes:

"As many of you know, we at Solterra were as surprised as you were by the decision made by FHR but are gratified that we can remain on board and continue to serve this wonderful community. Once again, thank you for your patience and we look forward to improving the quality of your home in the coming weeks and months."

News 11 has reached out to the Receiver for more information on its future plans for the facility. 


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