Z Fun Factory, Waylon's Water World new ownership to honor all current unexpired season passes

Yuma, AZ - A popular water park attraction in Yuma is making a return just in time for the desert heat. The amusement facility is scheduled to have a soft open the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. 

Namco USA, an entertainment provider throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, was handed the keys Wednesday by former owner Becky Zeller. Zeller operated the Fun Factory for five years with her late husband Brice Zeller. 

Senior Vice President at Namco USA, Kenneth Walters, says they acquired this property because “It was a unique opportunity. This facility is very well built and it has a lot of diverse attractions built into it. We were there as a game provider for the previous owners and upon the previous owner passing away his wife decided to sell the property. We felt it was just an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up.” 

Walters said for the first part of the season they will open as-is with few minor changes. The only major difference will be new Pac-Man-themed gas-powered go-carts that will replace the older models. 

However, Walters added “We have been in the entertainment business since 1955. Entertainment is always evolving and changing and we keep up with that evolution.” 

Z FUN Factory will require about 70 employees to fully staff the location throughout the week. 

“We have already engaged some of the previous management employees. We are trying to get the word out to all previous employees to please come back and apply. We are needing anything from dishwashers, to line cooks, to waitresses, to life guards, to attendants for the attractions,” says Walters. 

In regards to season pass holders, Namco, will continue to validate those passes.  

“We are going to honor all current unexpired season passes. Nobody is going to lose any money over this deal. We want everyone to come back and enjoy the park,” Walters told 13 On Your Side. 

Walters said the company will not make any changes to pricing as well. 

“We are going to try to keep what was there previously,” Walters added. “At the same time we will evaluate whether or not that pricing is appropriate for the community.” 

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