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Veterans bring awareness to lasting effects of Vietnam War chemical

YUMA, Ariz. – On Monday the Disabled American Veterans in partnership with the Vietnam Veterans of America held a town hall meeting at the DAV building in Yuma to discuss the lasting effects of Agent Orange. The herbicide Agent Orange was used in the Vietnam War to destroy brush and vegetation that the Vietnamese would use as an advantage in battle. The United States dropped over 11 million gallons of the chemical during the war. Studies now show that many of our veterans are much more likely to develop several different diseases such as diabetes, cancers and many more types and disorders. Veterans we spoke to at the town hall meeting say they personally have experienced medical issues as a result of coming into contact with Agent Orange as well as many of their friends they know that served in Vietnam.

Experts say the effects of Agent Orange are also being passed genetically, meaning that the children of veterans may get diseases as well as grandchildren and so on.  Veterans at the town hall meeting are hoping the government will step in and help support the veterans and their families that are suffering from disorders and diseases as a result of Agent Orange. If you are a veteran and feel you may have gotten a disease or disorder as a result of Agent Orange you can report it to the Vietnam Veterans of America.

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