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Volunteers create Castle Park website

YUMA, Ariz. – Since Castle Park was destroyed on December 28th, the community has shown support in many different ways. Now, one group has come up with their own way to help — build a website. launched last Friday, thanks to marketing agency Media Management.

Gabe Mendoza built it and told us, “We got in touch with different people who provided photos. We kind of went and did the footwork.”

Footwork to create a one stop shop for any info related to Yuma’s Creative Playground. Those leading rebuild efforts asked media management for help. The web designer was quick to volunteer his time.

“That was a park i took my little ones to, my kids, and we had great times. It’s a fun park,” he said.

A sentiment many share about the playground destroyed last December. Since then, 57,000 dollars of donation money have poured in. The new website will make it easier to donate money or time.

“To give your time is really helpful. That’s more than money. That’s more than anything else,” Mendoza explained.

Ricky Rinehart is overseeing park’s reconstruction and says they’ll need volunteers as the City of Yuma moves forward.

“We’re gonna build this thing together, because it’s our park,” he said.

The new playground may include a water feature and handicap accessible equipment. Crews will try to salvage what pieces they can starting Tuesday. Demolition is set to begin in April.

“They will come in and clear the sight and the reconstruction will begin sometime prior to summer,” Rinehart stated.

Something many people in Yuma are excited to see.

“The importance of that park is really evident because of how the community is coming together,” Gabe said.

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