Excessive heat takes a hold of the Desert Southwest

Desert Southwest could endure record heat

YUMA, Ariz. - The Desert Southwest is coming off it's hottest weekend of the year so far and the mercury surge doesn't show signs of letting up anytime soon!

The National Weather Service has posted an Excessive Heat Warning that started over the weekend in our viewing area and is projected to last until next Saturday!

The range of heat that's projected is between 110 to 120 degrees, but that temperature ceiling will likely be challenged and broken in Yuma and El Centro on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

NWS has projected record breaking highs between 121 and 122 degrees in these areas on Tuesday and Wednesday, which would land the entire viewing area amongst the top five days of the hottest temperatures on any given day throughout the year.

Yuma's hottest day on record is 124 degrees; set on July 28th, 1995.

Heat related illnesses and potential heat related deaths are a larger cause of concern, with long-term outside exposure; especially with outdoor workers, the elderly and very young children.

The NWS recommends taking extra precautions to stay hydrated and keeping yourself in an air conditioned building (as much as possible) during peak hours of the day all this week and through next weekend.

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