4th of July DUI detail stats

Cracking down on DUIs

YUMA, Ariz. - In efforts to keep the community safe, the City of Yuma Police Department with help from the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety conducted a DUI detail on July 3 through July 6.

During this detail, Yuma had a total of nine extra officers working throughout the weekend and conducted 73 traffic stops which resulted in:

5 total misdemeanor DUI arrests to include one for extreme DUI and one for DUI drugs.

20 sober designated drivers contacted. 

21 speeding citations issued three of them for criminal speed.

56 violations cited for other than speeding.

2 other arrests

The average BAC was 0.150. 

The Yuma Police Department explained some signs that could mean a driver is under the influence. 

"Nothing screams that I’ve been drinking and driving more than somebody just swerving all over the road like this, curb to center, curb to center. Not only that, but driving without your headlights on at night, going too slow, too slow under the speed limit, too fast over the speed limit," said Sergeant Lori Franklin, public information officer.  


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