7-Up recalled in Mexicali after health warning issued

7Up recalled after health warning issued

MEXICALI, B.C. - The Health Department of Baja California, Mexico issued a health warning following the death of one man and nine hospitalized after drinking the beverage 7-Up in Mexicali Sunday. 

According to La Crónica, a newspaper in Mexicali, five of the nine hospitalized patients were discharged but one new patient was admitted at 12:30 p.m.

According to health officials, one man died and nine others were hospitalized in three different Mexican hospitals, including one woman who allegedly consumed 7-Up in different establishments in the valley of Mexicali. 

However, after several examinations, it was determined that only six patients were tied to the intoxication of the PepsiCo products. The other four cases showed symptoms of intoxication from other causes. 

The man who died suffered from generalized congestion of vital organs and acute pulmonary edema. Health officials said he had urine and blood tests done and was found to have a high concentration of methamphetamine, according to La Cronica.

It has not been confirmed by the Department of the Attorney General of Justice for Baja California (PGJE) if the soft drink contained methamphetamine and that won't be confirmed until the pathology tests's results are completed. 

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