A musical trinity force from Yuma

A musical trinity force from Yuma

YUMA, ARIZ. - Rejection is nothing new to up and coming artists, and one 19-year-old singer and songwriter from Yuma has experienced many highs and lows while following her dreams.

News 11 covered Xcaret Ramos’ journey as she won the Hyundai of Yuma's singing competition in March 2018. 

Almost a year later, she's now releasing her first single and she really has the Yuma community to thank for her success

Xcaret said she's been singing ever since she could practically talk and attributes her love for music to her rich Hispanic cultural upbringing.

“I think when I was little, I would hear my mom play piano to me all the time. And just little lullabies my grandparents used to sing to me,” said Xcaret. 

By the age of seven, she had written her first song and ever since then, Xcaret has performed in musicals, choirs, and solos all around the Yuma community.

She said, "Honestly it's just this amazing community that constantly gives me new opportunities that I’m just super blessed to have the people around me and believe in me.”

One of Xcaret's first big breaks was winning the Hyundai of Yuma's singing challenge which gave her the reassurance to audition for American Idol last September. 

“I went in and waited in line for seven hours," she said.

And although she didn't make it on the show, Xcaret didn't give up, adding, “That's not the artist you’re going to be right? The American Idol said no...if every artist that got told no by American Idol, there would be a lot of we don't have.”

Certainly, that wasn't the artist she would be, especially with the help of two local producers who saw Xcaret's singing videos on social media.

Producer Christian Ramos said, “When I heard her video I thought she would be great for this song.”

Once the three Yuma artists came together to make music, they realized it was more than just a hobby. 

After producing the song "Yours", Christian explained how he pushed Xcaret to believe the song could be bigger than just a jam session, he told her, “We need to put you on Spotify, Apple Music, and she was like wait…" 

But with the chemistry, support, and undeniable talent among the trio, there was no reason for Xcaret to be unsure about putting their music out to the public.

Musician and producer Michael Cruz said, “When you involve that collaboration aspect of people who are passionate about producing, people who are passionate about singing and songwriting, we kind of just fill in the gaps. And that is really what the magical part of the music is."

Now, people all over our region are singing their song and promoting their music.

This all became a reality through the greatness of our community and Xcaret said, “It made me realize I might not be chasing a dream, I might be chasing a reality.”

The trio's first single titled “Yours” will be played on the radio in Yuma all week thanks to their friend who is a DJ at Z93.

The single is also available on all music streaming platforms. 

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