Animal Control advises pets to be left at home on hot days

YUMA, Ariz. - As much as we love taking our furry friends everywhere we go, Yuma's animal control is reminding pet owners to leave their pets at home if they're going to be left in the car. 

Temperatures inside your car can rise almost 20 degrees within just 10 minutes. At just 60 minutes, the temperature can reach 40 degrees higher than the temperature outside. Even if the windows are cracked open, cars still reach higher temperatures. 

Animal Control says with temperatures currently in the 100's, cars can reach temperatures that put your pets at risk of serious illnesses and sometimes death, even on days that don't seem as hot. 

Leaving your pet in a car on hot days is illegal if your pet becomes distressed due to the temperatures. Animal Control advises you protect your pets and leave them at home. 

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