Black student assaulted on U of A Campus

Two white students arrested

TUCSON, Ariz. - Police are investigating an attack on a black student on the University of Arizona campus.

The victim says two white students used racial slurs while beating him up.

Police charged the white students with a misdemeanor assault. They'll have to complete a social justice training program to avoid criminal charges.

Members of U of A's Black Student Union want a harsher punishment. They plan to protest on campus.

However, University President Robert C. Robbins says an active criminal investigation into the attack is ongoing.

In an email sent to staff and students today Robbins writes: "I want our community to know that racism, bias and violence will not be tolerated at this University, I will be working with members of my administration to ensure we have a comprehensive response to issues of bias and discrimination on campus."

A tweet from the chief of the University police department echoes that sentiment. It reads in part, "We are committed to ensuring campus is a safe & inclusive environment for the entire community."

A University spokesperson says he expects to a release the full police report on the incident soon. 



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