Brawley Elementary School District provides free meals to students


BRAWLEY, Calif. - The Brawley Elementary School District is making sure none of their students go hungry this school year.

With over 60 percent of their students eligible for free meals, the Brawley Elementary School District qualified for the Community Eligibility Provision which reimburses the district.

Now every student will receive a free breakfast and lunch regardless of their financial situation.

Before that, unpaid meal balances came out of the district's pocket.

"On average every year the school district was having to reimburse the cafeteria fund from the general fund. Anywhere from $20-$25,000. For lunch balances that hadn't been paid," said Cynthia Rodriguez Dickerson, Brawley Elementary School District Director of Fiscal Services.

Students will no longer worry about where their next meal is coming from in school.

District Child Nutrition Clerk Christina Carillo said, "It allows them to concentrate in class. They're not thinking about that they're hungry. They can pay attention, do their school work."

Teachers can now focus on just educating students.

"That's one more thing off their plate also. That they're having to worry about with the kids. If they're getting a good breakfast in the morning. If they're getting a good lunch in the afternoon," said Craig Casey, J.W. Oakley School Principal

It's a relief for parents who don't have to worry about their children being fed.

Christina Carillo said, "You don't have to worry about sending money with the students. Whether what their income status is. They just...everyone's free. Everyone is the same."

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