Brawley man dies after rollover crash

Brawley man dies after rollover crash

CALIPATRIA, Calif. - A man is dead after he was thrown from his vehicle in a single rollover crash in Calipatria on Friday, California Highway Patrol said.

It happened just West of Lindsey Rd. and Hatfield Rd.

CHP said 30-year old Robert Landeros lost control of his vehicle.

Javier Amezcua, of the California Highway Patrol said according to the official report, Landeros was over correcting when he started driving towards a field. The Brawley resident wasn't wearing his seatbelt at the time and was ejected from the vehicle.

Amezcua said, "He allowed the vehicle to drift over to the left. Almost going into a field. He tried to get the vehicle back on
the road way turned the vehicle to sharply and caused it to roll over."

CHP said Landeros was driving under the influence. 

"Officers were able to use their PAS device. And just wave it over in the immediate vicinity of Mr. Landeros and they were able to pick up a positive for alcohol," said Amezcua.

The injuries Landeros sustained in the crash proved to be fatal. 

"Due to the blunt force trauma sustained to his head and upper torso he was flown out by Reach Air ambulance to Desert Hospital for treatment of his injuries. Unfortunately the following afternoon he was pronounced dead," Amezcua said. 

CHP reminded residents to never drink and drive.

Amezcua added, "If you do go out and drink please designate a driver. Or have some plan of how to get home."

California Highway Patrol said the collision is still under investigation.





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