British forces aid local humane society


EL CENTRO, Calif. - The British Forces wanted to do something for the city they have called home for the past month.

They volunteered at the Imperial County Humane Society and provided their services.  

"We're here really just to give back to the local community who very kindly host us for about...about three months of the year really," said  Captain Hyslop with the British Forces.

Volunteers are the bloodline of the Humane Society. Tiffany Mendoza, Imperial County Humane Society Volunteer Coordinator said, "The fact that they're here helping us out when they could be you know...out having fun with their last few days here is incredibly important to us. Without volunteers who can do things like this, we can't take care of the animals to the ability that we would like."

For the soldiers, it's a little taste of home.

British Forces Airtrooper Smith said, "Yeah so back home, I have a golden retriever and it's always nice to come visit some dogs. Just helping out and everything and it's just a nice reminder of home."

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