Calexico councilwoman tied to hit-and-run

Calexico councilwoman tied to hit and run

CALEXICO, Calif. - A hit-and-run accident that was caught on camera in Calexico is going viral on social media after police said they tracked down the driver, who happens to be a Calexico city councilwoman. 

The video left many community members shocked and even more, outraged when they discovered who was behind the wheel. 

The car’s license plate fell at the scene before the driver fled, leading the Calexico Police Department to the car's owner, Councilwoman Rosie Fernandez.

The hit-and-run happened on May 5, on the intersection of Rancho Frontera and Holdridge Street. 

The video caught by Melissa Pacheco’s security camera shows a white car running over a stop sign and plowing into her front yard.

The driver then crashed into a car in the driveway, reversed and fled the scene. 

Pacheco wasn't home when the incident happened, but she said she wasn't surprised because speeding has always been an issue on that intersection. 

As I saw the car coming into my front yard and hitting my vehicle, I was shocked because that is a grass area I typically sit outside with my kids to play," said Pacheco. "I do not feel safe and do not allow my kids to go outside any longer and unfortunately, I still feel the need to put up a block wall in the front yard of my property to protect my home."

Pacheco added she was disappointed to see the car flee. 

In the state of California, hit-and-runs are considered a misdemeanor. 

Pacheco said the license plate left on her property allowed the Calexico Police Department to confirm Fernandez was the driver of the car. 

What the city decides is not for me to say, as I am not looking to cause anyone any hardships or loss of positions. However, I would like it to be known that it doesn’t matter who you are, everyone should be held accountable for their actions fairly and suitably," Pacheco said. 

13 On Your Side reached out to the Calexico Police Department for comment but are waiting to hear back.

We have also reached out to Councilwoman Fernandez but were not able to get in touch with her.

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