Chinese girl hospitalized after drinking popular drink

A 14-year-old girl from China suffered from an abdominal blockage on May 28 after an X-ray showed 100 undigested boba tea pearls she had consumed, according to AsiaOne.

AsiaOne reported the girl complained to her parents about suffering from stomach aches for five days before they took her to the hospital.

Unable to find the cause of her digestive issues, a CT was performed where doctors found unusual shadows in her abdomen.

Reports show doctors deducted the shadows to be 100 undigested tapioca boba pearls she had consumed.

The girl insisted she had only drunk a cup of boba tea five days before the incident.  However, Doctor Zhang Louzhen, who treated the girl, said it would have taken ingesting a significant amount of pearls for an extended period of time for her condition to be this severe. 

The girl was prescribed laxatives to relieve her of the pain of constipation.

A warning was issued for boba teas, which are made out of starch, are hard for the body to digest. In addition, stores may add thickener and preservatives to the pearls leading to gastrointestinal dysfunction. 




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