Circle K gas stations run out of fuel in Yuma


News 11 spoke with the following Circle K gas stations who have confirmed are out of fuel as of Monday. 

The following locations out of fuel as of now are: 

  • Circle K located at 820 W 32nd St, the location has been out of gas as of yesterday night and have not received any shipments.
  • Circle K located at 2505 W 8th St 
  • Circle k located at 8th Avenue and 24th Street 

The following locations are confirmed it is currently running out of fuel: 

  • Circle K located at 7110 E on US-95
  • Circle K located at 6544 Old US HWY 80 

We will keep you updated with any new information in regards to other locations. Also, feel free to reach out to News 11 if you know any information. 



Drivers in southern Arizona are feeling the pain at the pump, and it's not because of gas prices.

According to News 4 Tucson, the news station started receiving viewer calls on Sunday regarding several Circle K stores running out of fuel.

Circle K told KVOA that the company that supplies them with gasoline ran out of its supply. Circle K's parent company has not reached out to News 4 Tucson for comment.

Are you running into issues in Yuma? Let us know at 

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