Crime dog McGruff serves coffee at local event

Cops and community come together

BRAWLEY, Calif. - Cops and community came together for a cup of coffee.

McGruff the crime dog served coffee as cops and community shared concerns over a cup of java at Brawley’s Starbucks on Saturday morning.

Police say working well with community is important in fighting crime effectively. People can be eyes and ears on the street for them. They want the public to see them as community members, not just uniformed officers. They’ve been holding these “Coffee with a Cop” events at various places once or twice a year for the past two years. They said McGruff is always with them doing his part in fighting crime and trying not to spill the coffee.

Commander Kelly Brown said, “We’re taking an opportunity to meet with the community and just discuss anything that the community would like to discuss, get to know the officers of the Brawley Police Department, if they have any concerns, if they have any compliments, anything that the public would like to address with us.”

About 15 officers were at the event, including McGruff.

Please watch our newscast for more details.

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