Das Bratwurst Haus closes down


After 9 years of business, Das Bratwurst says goodbye to the restaurant business and hello to retirement. 

The owner, Bill Bowles says it was a nice run, but it is time for them to venture out. 

Das Bratwurst Haus is a German restaurant mostly known for their selection of twelve different beers from four brewers. Their most popular dish the 'Jager Schnitzel'. The owner, Bill Bowles shared that this dish is so popular that one time they seated a table for ten and nine from that table ordered the popular dish.

They're also well known for their popular desserts, such as their black forest cake. 

Das Bratwurst Haus is also popular for their annual German Festival on Madison Avenue every year. This past January they hosted their 7th festival.

Many locals expressed they will miss the restaurant. 


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