Driver hospitalized after crashing into local hospital

Car crashes into PMH wall


A white Ford Edge car smashed into the northeast wall of Pioneers Memorial Hospital on Thursday afternoon.

Frank Salazar, PMH Public Relations, said, “We contacted both police and fire, and we surrounded and barricaded the area in order to make sure that everybody was safe.”

The car jumped the divider in the parking lot, crashed over a cement bench on the patio, before crashing into the wall.

The car went into the facility of the hospital and went straight through the wall. And there’s damages, of course, done to the hospital. Probably for the next forty-eight hours, we’ll be actually cleaning the parts of the actual facility where it happened; facility and ground crew are on it, so we don’t have actual cost on how much this is, Salazar said.

There were damages outside that have to be repaired.

“Proceeded to go over an additional sidewalk and went straight through one of the cement benches, marble benches there,” Salazar said.

There were staff and patients on either side of the room where the crash happened. They were not injured.

“Driver was admitted and is currently under the care here at pioneers memorial hospital at the emergency room,” Salazar said.

Witnesses told us the driver was an elderly woman.

Salazar said this is the first time something like this has happened. The investigation by police on the incident is ongoing.



A man drove a white Ford Edge into the side of Pioneers Memorial Hospital in Brawley Thursday causing damage to the building, according to hospital officials.

Brawley Fire and Brawley Police Departments responded to the hospital due to reports of a car crashing into the northeast side of the hospital. Officials are still investigating the cause of the crash.

The driver is being treated at the hospital's emergency room and no major injuries are being reported.

"Patient and employee safety remain our top priority and concern at this time," said PMH CEO Larry Lewis. "We will continue to monitor and assess the situation while continuing to provide service to our community."

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