Farm workers sleep on the streets, avoiding long lines

Just to make it to work on time..

Farm workers sleep on the streets avoiding long lines

YUMA, Ariz. - Thousands of farm workers from San Luis, Mexico cross into the United States to work in the agriculture fields within Yuma County, but because of the long border wait times, several are forced to sleep in the streets in San Luis to make sure they make it work on time. 

“We have to wake up around midnight to be in line at least by 1 a.m. or else the buses don’t wait for you," Romana Robles, a farm worker. 

Farmworkers usually have to travel long distances just to get to their destination for example to Gila Bend. One farmworker Alfredo Luna made several sacrifices and one was not being present in his children's lives because of work. 

“Proud because both graduated from universities and they work in the medical field on one of the bases, so even though I’ve worked all my life my daughters were able to pursue something bigger and better," said Luna. 

Although the harvesting season is almost coming to end workers said the lines are still double the wait time. Here are the border wait times. 

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