Father and son walk along the border wall searching for the emergency

Border walkers look for border emergency

CALEXICO, Calif. - A father and son team are walking along the U.S./Mexico border wall to see first-hand if there’s an emergency or not.

Paul Pineda, from San Diego, said, “We are continuing on our walk along the border. We started at the Pacific Ocean, San Diego. We’re on our 9th day.”

He said border security is complicated.

“We want to show that there’s a lot more going on at the border and that we shouldn’t be making decisions out of fear,” Pineda said.

There are about 2,000 miles on the southern border.

“We’ve been walking the entire distance and there’s a lot of open areas where actually there is no wall,” Pineda said.

They’ve covered over 100 miles on foot already.

“The need for additional wall is way overstated. We probably have walls in areas where we don’t need them already. And instead we just need a little bit more trust, some cooperation, maybe some higher electronic activity, but not a wall,” Pineda said.

He said people living far from the border speak of it with fear, but not those living in the area.

“They live with it every day. Nobody speaks out of fear. They’re used to it. This is their community. They understand it, just like any community,” Pineda said.

Nick Pineda said border security should be built on mutual respect between two countries.

“It is a complicated issue, but I feel if we find different alternatives and ways of providing people of opportunity, because that’s what people come into this country for, is for opportunity for their family,” Nick said.

Calexico resident Morris Reisin said he approves taking a first-hand approach.

“Because I’ve been seeing on TV, a lot of people are jumping the fences and they’re coming across,” Reisin said.

He’s concerned for public safety.

“A lot of criminals are coming from Mexico, from Honduras. You’ve got the [MS] 13 gang. I believe in the wall. From the beginning, you have to have some kind of security in this country,” Reisin said.

The father and son team plan to end their trek in Lukeville, Arizona, about 250 miles still away.

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