Firehouse Subs helps local heroes serve the community

Firehouse Subs Grant helps local heroes

Our local first responders risk their own lives to make sure our safety is a priority.












Each year, Firehouse Subs helps them fulfill their needs to better serve the community by gathering donations locally and nationwide.

Thru the non-profit, Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation granted over $20,000 to the Yuma Fire Department last year. Chris Miller, co-owner of Firehouse Subs on 4th avenue in Yuma said, “Firehouse is very very proud to be community connected with all of Yuma thru the public safety foundation and the money that we’re able to put back into the community for all first responders.”

About 20 years ago, Chris and Robin Sorensen started their foundation, coming to life after Hurricane Katrina, with the main goal of making a difference for first responders.  

The Public Safety Foundation has donated over a million dollars to Arizona, and over a $100,000 in Yuma alone.

The Yuma Fire Department was able to buy a 2016 Polaris Ranger from those donations.

According to Kayla Holiman, Firemarshall with the Yuma Fire Department their excited to have received the grant that’s helped them meet their needs.

“So we take this out to like the Yuma county fair, midnight at the oasis or other large venues in the city that are heavily attended by the community...and it makes patient care quicker and easier and it’s just a really great asset for the community to have and the Yuma fire department to utilize,” according to Holiman.  

Another grant was recently approved,  this time for the Yuma Police Department for active shooter kits.

If you’d like to donate you can visit one of your local Firehouse Subs or visit






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