Former Calexico mayor charged with shoplifting

Former mayor charged with shoplifting says he's being targeted by police

CALEXICO, Calif. - Former Calexico Mayor Armando Real was charged with shoplifting this morning at El Centro Courthouse. The alleged incident happened at the local Walmart in October. Real is calling it a simple mistake not a crime.

I bought three rib-eye steaks. And when I did the self-checkout the rib-eyes were exactly the same, you know, the same brand, the same everything, I charged the steak three times instead of doing every single one of them, Real said.

He discovered his mistake when he was walking out.

I gave the receipt to the lady at the exit. I said, check the receipt, Real said.

There was a price difference in the steaks of about $10.00.

Okay, if I made a mistake let’s go back. I paid them. And I left. I never left the store without paying for the things that I had, Real said.

He claims he’s being targeted by the local police.

Everybody does it, but because it was me and they want to go after me, I’m being singled out, that’s the reality. Ever since I wanted to bring in the sheriff’s department they’ve gone after me, Real said.

Real served in public office from 2014-2018.

We reached out to the local police chief. He was not available for comment. Real is fighting the charges. He’s due back in court next month.

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