Get to know city council candidate Jason Bradley

Get to know Jason Bradley

YUMA, Ariz. - Yuma City Council candidate Jason Bradley is eyeing one of the three open seats.

I’ve been a public servant my whole life here in Yuma and this is another way to serve," explained Bradley. I don’t have a platform. I’m not running on any one issue or to impact or achieve any one thing.

Bradley, a nurse, and educator in Yuma weighed in on how he would address the opioid epidemic that has hit the community and even made its way into local schools. 

Addiction has a host of reasons why it exists and there are no quick fixes. It’s going to take talk therapy it’s going to take commitment. It’s going to take community togetherness in my view if we’re ever going to address this battle, said Bradley.

He also touched on the city of Yuma is under a state of emergency due to the outpour of illegal crossings in the area.

“Unfortunately, I view the crisis at our border as a bit of a contrived problem that’s not being handled at a lot of levels effectively and unfortunately our state of emergency without consultation of council bodes well for that,” answered Bradley.

Bradley chose Yuma as his home 19 years ago. 

I joined a local company at that time; serving the seriously mentally ill and met my spouse who’s connected to the community, born and raised," said Bradley. “Coming to Yuma 19 years ago was a coming out for me.”

He said that led to his involvement in different community groups. 

I mentioned my appointment to the Regional Center for Border Health board. I’m also the treasurer and a founding board member of the All Yuma Center. The All Yuma Center is Yuma's first LGBTQ resource center.

You can vote in the primary election on August 27. 

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