Get to know Robert Scarborough

Get to know Robert Scarborough

YUMA, Ariz. - A businessman in Yuma is hoping to be elected into one of the three open city council seats.

My name is Robert Scarborough. I commonly go by Bobby, said Robert Scarborough, Yuma City Council candidate.

After decades of calling Yuma home after chasing the agriculture industry, Scarborough is hoping to lead the city as a council member and here is how he plans to do it. 

Fiscal responsibility, balancing the budget, not the backs of the emergency fund but on the backs of reduced taxpayers, police retention is a big issue, and wherever we can redirect our resources where they most need to go," said Scarborough.

He explained his take on the roads. 

It was just recently put up to the voters. It was a half of percent sales tax increase. By a majority of the people, it was turned down. I believe the reason it was turned down is that people are fed up with tax increases. I think people are saying work with what you have.

Scarborough also weighed in on the newly voted property tax meant to help sustain the pay increases of first responders and other city employees. He explained it only covers one-third of the raises. 

He explained why the city should be run like a business. 

Instead of a business owner profiting, it's the citizens, the voters are profiting.  Under my philosophy, they’re not going to see continual rate hikes. They’re not going to see tax increases. The profit is going to go to the voters.

Scarborough runs Green Trees Grocery Outlet and The Furniture Depot in Yuma. 

We started about 21 years ago. We take product from the grocery chains and sell it for 50 to 90 percent off," said Scarborough. “We’ve been able to grow the business from starting out at my house down on 8th Street and going to where we’re at two locations now.”

Scarborough said he felt the time was right to run for council.

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