Grand opening for vendors who lost their business in the Santo Tomas fire

New swap meet gives hope to local vendors

CALEXICO, Calif. - Calexico vendors from the now closed Santo Tomas Swap Meet said they have a new hope, a new start and a grand opening on Friday.

Alberto Alvizu, vendor, said, We’re surprised. Truly, it’s the magic of wanting to accomplish something, to work to accomplish something and to make it happen.

Twelve vendors re-started their business dreams at the Garcia Plaza on Grant Street an indoors location this time ideal for the current weather.

Very happy. It feels great because after being practically on the ground without having a vision and suddenly you wake up and you say, let’s fight for this, and we do it. It’s a great satisfaction making this dream happen, Alvizu said.

The city supported the move and promised to do all they can to help.

Mayor Bill Hodge was present at the grand opening and said, I admire greatly. I commend them for their determination, perseverance to get back up on their feet. I think a dream came true for some of the vendors.

However, the city worries about the rest of the vendors who haven’t found a place to do business.

I don’t know what we can do. I don’t know if we can find a place, but I’m going to keep going and supporting them, see what the outcome can be. I’m happy for these vendors, but I’m not going to forget about the others, Hodge said.

The Calexico Indoor Swap Meet is for some a dream born out of the ashes. It’s open weekdays with an open-air bazaar in the weekends.

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