Husband of 73-year-old woman dead near her home speaks out

Husband of 73yearold woman dead near her home speaks out

YUMA, Ariz. - Husband of Lorraine "Lori" Mumma, the woman found dead nearby her Somerton-area home speaks out about what happened on June 27, 2018. 

Don Mumma explained that Lori Mumma, 73, was suffering from the effects of having a stroke in 2016. 

Mumma was losing her memory and her way of life.

Don Mumma described the day he lost his wife of about 50 years. 

"We had pretty much locked the gates, confined her to where she could go to her mothers and back the only gate that was open was the one I was going out of to unload the RV and she went out that gate. I assumed she was at her mother's. You know it's one of those deals that I'll just have to live with it," explained Mumma.

Don thought his wife was headed to her mothers home on their shared land. Their land that was normally fenced in to prevent Lori from wandering, which she had done before.

Unfortunately, Lori did not go to her mother's home. She was found about 100 yards away from her property.

Don said the heat decided her fate.

"It was cardio-respiratory, which is basically heat stroke." said Mumma.

Don is telling the community what happened because he does not want it to happen to anyone else.

"This goes on all the time out here. You know, kids in cars, seniors wandering off, seniors in cars and stuff like that. I hope we can make a difference. if we can save one person, then it's worthwhile," said Mumma.

He always kept an eye on his wife as he saw her health declining, but he still wanted her to keep her sense of freedom.

"That's my job. She spent many, many years when I was in the Marine Corp. The house was always there, the family was always there," said Mumma.

Today, he remembers the life they shared. He credited her for changing a Marine with a bad attitude's life. 

"In the morning, she'd kiss me good morning, she'd kiss me when I went to work or when she went to work, kissed me when I came home and always kissed before we'd go to bed and probably, I don't remember a day going by that she didn't say I love you two or three times. That was our relationship and we did that together. That's what I miss the most," said Mumma.

Don invites the community to celebrate Lori's life at Desert Valley Mortuary on Thursday at 1 p.m.



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