IID sues Riverside County over ordinance that would increase energy rates for customers

Riverside County recently adopted an ordinance that would force IID to increase the amount they pay to solar customers who over generate energy. The utility company in response is suing the county due to the fact that they don't have the authority to change IID's rate structure.

Currently IID pays 6 cents per kilowatt hour and under the adopted ordinance they'd be asked to double that.

IID officials say the ones who lose the most are non-solar customers. That's because according to the IID, if they have to pay these solar customers more money, they will have to get that money from their non-solar customers. 

The utility company's current energy program, Net Billing, levels the playing field for both solar and non-solar customers. 

IID says what Riverside County is doing is unlawful and not in the best interest of residents of both counties. 

Attempts to reach officials in Riverside County were unsuccessful.

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