Kids Heart Challenge to teach students about giving back to a great cause

Kids Heart Challenge to teach students about giving back to a great cause

EL CENTRO, Calif. - Imperial County's McCabe Elementary School raised close to $25,000 for the American Heart Association's Kids Heart Challenge last year. 

Not only are they teaching students about the importance of being healthy but also the value of giving back.

According to the Center for Disease Control,  heart disease is the leading cause of death in the country. 

Katie Potts, of The American Heart Association, said the health group is working with students to develop a healthy lifestyle at an early age to change that statistic.

Potts said, "We want them to develop these heart-healthy habits young and we want them to take these habits with them into heart-healthy future."

Samantha Carter, a teacher at McCabe Elementary, said students are taught the importance of having an active lifestyle.

"Today the kids are doing different activities such as jumping rope, lateral jumps, air squats. Really getting that heart pumping," Carter said. 

Nine-year-old student, Kaden Daker, is learning the benefits of a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. 

Daker said, "'Cause it keeps your heart healthy and by giving it the nutrients it needs."

For Isla Rivera-Stewart, it's about raising money to those who need it the most.

"I like to help people and raise money so they can get better hearts," said Rivera-Stewart. 

More importantly, students are learning about compassion and how the money they raise will impact others. 

Carter added, "We're teaching kindness and we're showing how you can give back and how you can help others. It's not just fundraising to earn a prize. It's fundraising to help make a difference."

Anyone who wants to help the students at McCabe Elementary School to reach their goal in the Kids Heart Challenge can click here.

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