Law enforcement takes action on social media post threats

Law enforcement takes action on social media post threats

YUMA, Ariz. - Locals in the desert southwest are on high alert following a recent shooting threat at a mall and a questionable post made on Facebook regarding a possible shooting in Yuma. 

Sgt. Lori Franklin said this social media post comes at a time when most people are living in fear given the recent shooting tragedies. 

The Facebook post was posted on a group called "Los Algodones Baja California Mexico," stating a local Walmart and mall was the target of an attack. 

The post referenced that the Walmart in Yuma and Yuma Palms could be a target," said Sgt. Franklin. 

Sgt. Franklin said the post might have stemmed from an incident in the Imperial Valley where a suspect was arrested after allegedly threatening to "shoot up" a mall. 

That happened in El Centro maybe the person who wrote this post thinking that it could happen here," said Sgt. Franklin. 

Police explain in these scenarios detectives analyze every piece of evidence from who made the post to the comments listed on it. 

We talked with several local agencies, federal agencies, and we found no valid threat that had been made reference Yuma, Walmart or Yuma malls or Yuma in general that this post could have been referring too," said Sgt. Franklin. 

News 11 did reach out to local Walmart in the area to ask if they're increasing its security but have yet to hear back. The Facebook post that stated the threat has been removed. 

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