Local college introduces practice of 3D printing to students

AWC 3D Printing

YUMA, Ariz. - Arizona Western College (AWC) is introducing 3D printing to students in Yuma to give them a head start in using the technology in different career fields like medicine and agriculture. 

AWC houses two 3D printers that students can use to print out designs they construct on their computers. Students are also able to learn about how this technology can be applied in the biomedical field. 

"The possibilities of 3d printing are limitless, depending on the applications you have," said Robert Schroeder, Service Desk Technology Coordinator at Arizona Western College. "Hospitals could use the technology to one-day 3D print kidneys, or hearts, or livers."

3D printing in classes helps foster creativity and build enthusiasm for tech education. Studies show that students involved in 3D printing are more likely to consider a future career in STEM.

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