Local group steps in to help homeless

For many of us they're a part of society that at times we just can't understand; we see them holding signs by overpasses and sleeping under trees. But, the homeless population has been around and for the near future will remain for decades to come. According to the National Coalition for the homeless the top reason for someone to fall into life on the streets is poverty. 

   Each on has a story, each on had a struggle which they lost and ended living off the grid. Studies have shown that the loss of housing and the inability to find affordable housing is one of the top reasons; those suffering with mental illness and many victims of domestic violence turn to living on the streets. The truth remains here in our community; but there are champions for them. The Yuma Coalition to end homelessness continues to help those in need find housing. 

   But, it takes more, more man power to reach the unreachable and of course funding to support the cause. That's where the Elegance Car Club comes into play, months back we spoke to club president Art Caro who told us he wanted to help those in the community that couldn't help themselves and that he along with his members were looking into way to do it. 

   Fast forward and Caro and the rest of Elegance decided what better way to help our community, then to bring it together. The club has invited other car enthusiast to a picnic on Saturday June 9, 2018 at 5pm. They've decided to have the picnic at Joe Henry Park which is located on Avenue B and 1st Street; the park known for it abundance of shade thanks to its enormous trees is the perfect place to get away from direct sunlight and enjoy a good meal while visiting with other like minded people. 

   Now, the club is inviting other car and bike enthusiasts which in turn means they'll be cars, trucks, bikes and a few special surprises on display for your viewing pleasure. For those looking to show off their toys the cost is just $10 and will include two plates of food and beverages. Spectators can enjoy a meal for just $8 a plate and proceeds will go to help the Yuma Coalition to end homelessness. 

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